Distributed Leadership for Equity & Learning Toolset


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    Information sheets are available at http://herts.academia.edu/PhilipWoods (under ???Teaching Documents???), on
    - a typology of social justice (A Four-fold Approach to Social Justice)
    - holistic democracy

    We would like to thank the numerous people in EPNoSL and beyond who shared their ideas about the toolset and/or commented on draft versions, including: Carl Bagley, Giovanna Barzona, Agnieszka Czejkowska, Ton Duif, Sally Graham, Tom Hamilton, Chris Harrison, Yasmin Imani, Joy Jarvis, Roger Levy, Janet Monahan, Brett Pugh, and Sophie Ward.

    Content development team
    This toolset has been prepared by the University of Hertfordshire Team, Philip Woods and Amanda Roberts for the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL).
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