Distributed Leadership for Equity & Learning Toolset

Tool #4: What kinds of relationships do we experience and want?

Tool #4 is intended to stimulate discussion about the creation in schools of an open social environment - that is, one in which people are valued for what they each individually bring to the work of the organisation, and where positive relationships between people across status and other organisational boundaries are readily established to initiate and develop change.

Ways to use it
The tool gives a number of representations of relationships within an organisation which users of the tool are invited to reflect upon and consider what they mean for them, which are apparent in their school and which would be best for distributing leadership and benefiting learning and inclusion.

As with the other tools, there are many ways in which Tool #4 may be used. Here are two suggestions:
Different ways of representing relationships
Users of Tool #4 are invited to look at the different ways of representing relationships below and think about...

what kind of relationship do they illustrate in your view?
Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net (Sheelamohan)
Consider these questions:

  • Which of these do you recognise as representing relationships in your school?
  • What do you feel about these relationships in your school? Positive, negative or indifferent - and why?
  • How do you feel they could be changed for the better in your school?
  • How would any changes in relationships help to distribute learning and promote equity and holistic learning in the school?
  • You may like to to suggest additional groupings which you believe merit discussion and draw these below or on a separate sheet.

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