Policy Response Toolset
for equity and learning

Policy Response Animation

We developed an animation on policy response based on our interviews with school leaders in Scotland (Bagley & Ward, 2013; Ward el al, in press). Our storyboard employed visual metaphors to capture the views expressed by school leaders.


1. Identification of the policy goal

The film begins with the identification of the policy goal (represented by a trophy).

2. Barriers to policy implementation: old ideas

Barriers to policy implementation include old ideas (represented by the cobweb and skeletons)...

3. Barriers to policy implementation: fear of change and workload pressures...

... fear of change (represented by the shark), and day-to-day work load pressure (represented by bushes).
4. The teachers enter the maze and are held back by barriers.

They confront the barriers...

5. Using resources

Working together, teachers confront the barriers, using resources (represented by the bicycle and broom) and

6. Using collective knowledge

... their collective knowledge to move forward and reach their goal.

Having read the toolset and watched the animation, we would like to invite you to reflect on your own experiences and practice in terms of a policy that you have responded to. To what extent does the reading and the video capture those experiences? In what ways would you depict things differently?

How to Make an Animation

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