Policy Response Toolset
for equity and learning

What is the purpose of the toolset?

To facilitate school leaders??? active participation in the policy process

To help policy makers and school leaders develop solutions to problems around policy implementation

To develop contextually relevant and responsive policy that effectively supports equity and learning

Who is the toolset for?

Who is the toolset for?

  • Education policy makers
  • School leaders and teachers with a responsibility for policy implementation
  • What is the toolset for? Photo by  Bogdan Suditu (https://www.flickr.com/photos/bogdansuditu/2377844553/)

    What does it contain?

  • A definition of policy and policy enactment
  • The identification of barriers to policy implementation
  • Creative solutions for policy engagement
  • A link to a video, 'Policy Response Animation'
  • Information about how to create an animation
  • What???s in it?

    How might it be used?

  • By school leaders, senior management teams and classroom teachers to foster dialogue about policy response through the creation of animations