Policy Response Toolset
for equity and learning

Creative solutions for policy engagement

The EPNoSL study of the implementation of policy on school leadership for equity in Scotland revealed that some school leaders are engaging with this policy and have benefited from this engagement. They said that they have engaged with this policy by:

using it as a coaching tool, to ???see where we are right now and where we want to be???;
using it to share best practice by working collaboratively with other schools in a cluster and using the policy to develop a ???cluster improvement plan???;
using it as a ???quality assurance??? tool.

School leaders appear to welcome the ???clarity of expectation??? offered by the Standards for Leadership and Management, and claim to be using them to help all staff, not just school leaders, develop a shared vision of best practice.

It seems, then, that policy implementation is a creative process in which school leaders draw upon their professional knowledge to adapt policy to their schools??? needs, and that networks help school leaders share best practice.
How to meet the needs of ethnically diverse pupils? The case of Equity Action Groups

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