Teacher Leadership Toolset
for equity and learning

The toolset has been designed to support the development of teacher leadership in school cultures with a flat hierarchy which are undergoing transformation, oriented to equity and learning as the theory of action driving their work with all students. Such deep cultural change requires schools to become learning organizations, in which all professionals see themselves as learners and in which highly effective professionals are recognized and leveraged for improving school quality.

Questions for Policy-Makers

Reducing complexity

Empowering teachers

How can schools be encouraged to identify and empower teacher leaders as change agents for equity and learning?

Supporting teachers

What kind of support, such as professional development, cooperation, networking do teacher leaders need to be successful in fostering equity and learning within the social architecture of their schools?
Learning context

Structures and tools

What structures and tools encourage school leaders to share leadership with teacher leaders to establish a participative school culture and to focus meaningfully on equity and learning?
What do we mean by teacher leadership?

Teacher leaders are highly effective teachers who accept responsibility beyond classroom instruction for a task or function which contributes to quality development at their school. These teachers act as leading professionals, drawing upon external and experiential knowledge to continually improve their practice with a focus on equity and learning. They are sources of inspiration for their colleagues and ambassadors for their schools.

By taking on a teacher leadership role, teachers ???break ranks??? and become visible to colleagues as leaders. Where teacher leadership is new, ???breaking ranks??? in the flat hierarchy typically found in school cultures commonly results in irritation, on a spectrum from speaking up and attracting attention to designed intervention and resistance.